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(CNN) Being 13: Perils of lurking on social media

Most adolescents with access to smart phones are living their social lives online as much as they do face-to-face. Adults worry that teens are hooked on social media, but most have no idea what teens are actually doing online.

Over the past year, we collaborated with “Anderson Cooper 360” on an exploration of the hidden digital world of adolescents. We invited over 200 13-year olds from schools around the country to participate in a research project to discover what 13-year-olds are actually posting online.  Read More>>

(CNN) I was the unpopular kid. Now I’m a parent. Here’s what I learned.

Wouldn’t it be nice to sit down with your kids and be able to tell all about your childhood? The good and bad. And that somehow you made it through. Be able to pass along the life lessons you learned and how you have applied what you learned back then to now? This article from CNN reporter S.E. Cupp talks about her childhood and how she learned to cope with moving around a lot and how she feels to her son. Read the last paragraph twice and then do you best to talk to your son or daughter if they are struggling with the middle school years. It’ll help. Read More>>


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