Monthly Archives: February 2016

Special Recognition

Support Our Local Law Enforcement

STOP Bullying Talbot would like to recognize and thank our local law enforcement for having such a large impact on the war against Drugs. Over the year, Talbot County drug arrests are up 500% as compared to 2014. Sheriff Joe Gamble and the rest of the Talbot County Sheriff’s Office, along with our local police departments deserve the utmost credit for their time and dedication to our community. View Article
The Talbot Sheriff’s Office, through generous donations from our community was able to employ a new drug dog Raven to assist in cleaning up our streets. View Article
Sheriff Gamble was able to place a school resource officer at Easton High School this year as it was approved by the Talbot County Council in last years budget. View Article

In an effort to continue to protect and serve our community, we would like your support to have another school resource officer at St. Michaels High School full time.

Five elementary kids are asked why 1 kid is being bullied… watch what the boy on the end reveals.

It’s important to talk with your children about bullying. To help them understand if they may be bullying someone or if they are the victim of a bully. But, what if your children decided to take things a step further? What if they sought after children are who victims of bullies and decided to help? This short video shows the courage and understanding of youngsters and the positive effect they can have to end bullying.

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